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Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Waiting for Travel

We have over a year of planning and saving to do for this trip, a part of the journey that rarely gets documented online. The main difference between our blog and most of the blogs in the travel genre is that we have quite a long wait before we leave on our much-anticipated trip. We are young and just out of school, with no kids, no major financial obligations, and no long-term career commitments. We have over a year of

The Big Picture, or: Why we Want to Travel the World

So, you want to travel the world. How do you start? Once we started thinking about where we wanted to go, it all seemed very overwhelming. We began looking at flight costs, timing, budget, visa logistics, safety, etc… we were starting to question how it can be done and how it has been done by others. We read other travel blogs and how there are people who have dropped everything and set out to travel the world. Many people have

The Journey Begins with a Dream and a Plan

Plan a world trip

Here is the thing. The thing is… We want to go everywhere. What’s the problem with that? The short answer is, we can’t. We can’t go everywhere. But we can try. And we’re hoping that by at least trying to go everywhere, we will see a whole lot of cool places along the way. At the very, very beginning of this ambitious dream, before this website was created, before we were even sure we were going to do this, all