A Year of Travel in Review

If you go back to one of our blog posts about a country we visited, you’ll see that we kept track of all the places we stayed, the food we ate and of course, the experiences we had. This blog was a wonderful way to document and share our adventures, and it will be a great way to look back on them too.

In 10 months and 1 week of travel, there were amazing times – when we would pinch ourselves wondering how this was real – and then, inevitably, there were not so good times. But we took it all in and didn’t take a second of it for granted, and came out of it feeling more a part of this big, beautiful world, more a part of life and more a part of each other. After all, we have these incredible memories that we will share for a lifetime now, and no one can ever take that away from us. It’s unbelievable that it’s all over, but we know there will always be more adventures to come.

Take a look at our Top Lists below, which include a look back on the best hotels, most memorable meals, scariest moments, top highlights and more!


Favourite Accommodation

Pictured in the background is the wall in the lobby of Ovolo Hotel in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. The egg-shaped objects could swivel around so that the installation wall was ever-changing!

Most Uncomfortable Accommodation

Pictured above: the hostel cat at Backpacker Unite in Namibia, who we dubbed “manically depressed cat” as a play on the grumpy cat meme.

Memorable Food

Pictured in the background: the most delicious Peking duck in Beijing, with all the fixings: tiny pancakes, sticks of cucumber, oyster sauce, green onions, etc.

Best Cultural Experiences

Pictured in the background: our hosts in Gili Air, were extremely apologetic about the noise cause by the wedding going on near our hotel, which are 3-day-long extravaganzas in countries like Indonesia. We were honoured to be invited to attend, eat some delicious food and meet the bride and groom!

Scariest Moments

Pictured in the background: the anxiety-inducing crowd at the Indra festival in Nepal.

Cheapest Purchases

It’s not surprise that all of our cheapest purchases were made in Asia, a continent notorious for inexpensive finds of all kinds. Pictured above is our cheapest meal, a lovely little package of nasi goreng (“mixed rice”) for $0.50. It even came with a piece of parchment paper separating the toppings from the rice, to avoid sogginess!

Most Stressful Moments

Pictured above: Stephie on the brink of insanity, as a result of #3.

Key Words

If you’re a traveller, you probably recognize – and have been sucked in by – a lot of these words!

Everywhere Things

Aside from the more well-known global names like McDonald’s and Starbucks, we were surprised to find several other brands ubiquitous worldwide. Pictured above, however, is the inevitable exit through the gift shop – our peaceful visit to the serene temples in Indonesia were almost ruined by these!
Names for Local Transport

We found that almost every single country had its own special form of cheap public transportation, and a generally funny/cute name to go along with it! Pictured above are the brightly coloured tuktuks of Sri Lanka.

Fun Facts

Have you been on a longer flight than we have? Where to? How about a longer bus ride? Let us know in the comments section!

Top 10 Highlights

There are few things that could sum up our trip more concisely than the above list. While these are some of the experiences that will live with us for a lifetime, we also have a wealth of other smaller, personal, more humble memories that may not seem as impressive as a safari in the Serengeti or standing in the shadow of Mt. Everest – but nonetheless will always be in our hearts. We are so happy we got to do this together, and we’ll never be able to express our gratitude for having the privilege to share it with you.

Thank you!

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