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Cambodia: A Land That Inspires

No matter how much we thought about this trip before we left, there was no way to predict exactly what we’d get out of it. Our experiences over the last 6 months have impacted us in ways that we expected, as well as in ways that have surprised us. Even during the planning stages of this trip, we had a feeling that the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia would leave a lasting impression on us, and no doubt the

Thailand: A Land with Something for Everyone

What comes to mind when you think of Thailand? If you’re like us, postcard images of pristine white sand beaches and quaint longtail boats bobbing in crystal clear waters come to mind. The islands of Thailand are some of the most famous in the world, so they’re naturally going to be a bit touristy and crowded. Fortunately, the rare mix of authenticity and tourist attraction that we experienced in the North persisted as we travelled South – no small feat