Monthly Archives: October 2014

Thailand: Land of a Thousand Smiles

After an entire post on the negative sides of travel, Thailand has done wonders for our morale. Our experiences here have reminded us just why we love travel so much. We came to Thailand knowing that it is a hugely popular tourist destination, and has been for decades. Knowing how an influx of tourists can often be detrimental to whatever attracted them in the first place, we were skeptical about how authentic of an experience we would have in Thailand.

Sri Lanka: A Land for Contemplation

There are many reasons we chose to embark on this journey. We made a big decision in pursuing this dream, and in the end, a year of travel won out in priority over other major life steps such as buying a house or getting married. One of the most salient reasons that travel is a priority for us at this time in our lives is that we understand how deeply impactful it can be. We understood that travel could open