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Botswana: A Land of Abundance and Scarcity

As we sit here in our accommodation in Dar Es Salaam with no electricity or running water, there is a sense of calm between us. We have quickly learned that plans in Africa go wrong more often than not, so it is probably best not to make them. In Canada, it was very rare for electricity to cut out, and when it did, it would usually be on again in no time. We tend to take things like that for

Botswana: A Land of Water and Wildlife

fear |fi(ə)r| noun
: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat OR a 6 tonne male elephant standing 5 meters from your safari tent (true story) For North Americans, the word ‘safari’ conjures up an image of the most exotic, exciting and wild vacation one can think of – a true African experience. 3 years ago, Stephie went on safari in the infamous Kruger National Park in South

Zambia: Land of The Smoke that Thunders

Our time in Zambia was extremely brief – in all honesty, we should really only describe it as a visit to the town of Livingstone rather than the country in its entirety. But we made the most of the 2 days we did have, and of course managed to knock a big item off our bucket list: Victoria Falls. The struggle of a 24-hour bus ride from Windhoek to Livingstone and then a hot, confusing walk to our hostel eventually

Travel Budget for South Africa

This is our budget breakdown for our 12 days in the Cape Town area of South Africa. We spent a lot more on transportation and accommodation than we anticipated. The main problem was that our car hire charged a mileage that we did not account for in our budget (there was no excess mileage fee 3 years ago, when we did the same road trip along the Garden Route). As far as accommodation goes, we stayed in a few different

Travel Budget for Madagascar

With a finite amount of money to spend and a year of travel to plan for, we keep a detailed Excel spreadsheet of our budget for each country we visit. Recently we thought our budget data might be helpful for other travellers out there. So, here is a breakdown of what we spent in Madagascar (excluding flights). We will be including similar tables for each country we visit. We booked a weeklong tour with a great company called Jean Be

Namibia: A Land of Sand

When we first sat down to budget for this trip, we often came to a point where we had to rule out visiting a certain country. This was almost the case for Namibia, as it is an expensive destination, and difficult to travel within. After our experience in this unbelievable country, we now know that this decision would have been a devastating misstep. Even though Namibia is only the third country on our itinerary, we are still confident that it