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South Africa: A Land Revisited

After our intense week in Madagascar, South Africa was next on our itinerary, and our time in this beautiful country is now coming to an end. It has been just as incredible as we remember from three years ago, when Stephie enrolled at UCT for a semester on exchange and Eric visited her. That being said, this trip was filled with a lot of familiar experiences – and some pretty cool new ones as well. Coming to South Africa, and

Madagascar: A Land Less Travelled

Madagascar was the first stop on this crazy year-long adventure of ours – and what a place to begin! After 50+ hours in transit from our home town to the capital of Madagascar, we were immediately faced with the intensity of the country and the distinctive culture. Due to budgetary constraints, we did not have a lot of time in Madagascar. Baobab Avenue was our final destination, but because we had such a short time to get there, it was an