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Vietnam: A Land Fit for Travellers


After several months of travel, we have developed a style that fits our desire to find a balance between the tourist hotspots and a more adventurous, local experience. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Finding a truly local, authentic experience can be very difficult, what with lack of information and language barriers. We’ve also found out that even if we do find a local who speaks enough English and wants to help, there’s a preconceived notion of what a

Cambodia: A Land That Inspires


No matter how much we thought about this trip before we left, there was no way to predict exactly what we’d get out of it. Our experiences over the last 6 months have impacted us in ways that we expected, as well as in ways that have surprised us. Even during the planning stages of this trip, we had a feeling that the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia would leave a lasting impression on us, and no doubt the

Thailand: A Land with Something for Everyone


What comes to mind when you think of Thailand? If you’re like us, postcard images of pristine white sand beaches and quaint longtail boats bobbing in crystal clear waters come to mind. The islands of Thailand are some of the most famous in the world, so they’re naturally going to be a bit touristy and crowded. Fortunately, the rare mix of authenticity and tourist attraction that we experienced in the North persisted as we travelled South – no small feat

Thailand: Land of a Thousand Smiles

Thailand land of a thousand smiles

After an entire post on the negative sides of travel, Thailand has done wonders for our morale. Our experiences here have reminded us just why we love travel so much. We came to Thailand knowing that it is a hugely popular tourist destination, and has been for decades. Knowing how an influx of tourists can often be detrimental to whatever attracted them in the first place, we were skeptical about how authentic of an experience we would have in Thailand.

Sri Lanka: A Land for Contemplation

Sri Lanka featured image

There are many reasons we chose to embark on this journey. We made a big decision in pursuing this dream, and in the end, a year of travel won out in priority over other major life steps such as buying a house or getting married. One of the most salient reasons that travel is a priority for us at this time in our lives is that we understand how deeply impactful it can be. We understood that travel could open

Nepal: A Land Where Time Crawled


One thing we have learned on this adventure is that our concept of time changes. Take a moment and think of the holiday season, late December, with friends and family, planned gatherings and festivities. Blink – and it’s over, back to work in the New Year. Now try to recall a Monday morning after a nice relaxing weekend. The week ahead seems so daunting and endless. Friday cannot come soon enough. Our perceptions of time passing changes, based on so

Tibet: A Land of Mountains and Monasteries


Magnificent, majestic, mighty, mammoth: all fitting adjectives to describe a mountain. But to truly convey the feelings we experienced when we first laid eyes on Everest is simply impossible. We could present you with countless photos in our futile attempt to capture “that moment”, but not one of them will capture the full scope of awe we felt under Everest’s mighty glare. With the mysterious spirituality, torrid history, and iconic mountain ranges of Tibet, we had a feeling it would be

China: Land of a Billion People (Part 2)

China Land of a Billion People Part 2

How could we go to China without visiting the capital and most well-known city of the massive country? Not to mention, the home of a significant chunk of the Great Wall. With the departure of Eric’s parents, we set off for Beijing. We were greeted with hot, smoggy air, which hardly let up for the 10 days we were there. We settled into our hostel and head for the India Visa Centre with the hopes of preparing for our visit in

China: Land of a Billion People (Part 1)

China part 1

It was bittersweet to leave the big city vibe that Hong Kong offered. It was a welcomed change of pace to wander around outside past dark and feel safe. We enjoyed the bright lights, busy streets and chaotic transit system – of course, transit in China would eventually prove to be even busier. The first impression of China was a thousand people trying to squeeze through two security gates at Guanzhou West Railway Station. It was the perfect example of

Hong Kong: The Start of Something New

Hong Kong

Two weeks of rest on the beach in Zanzibar left us with renewed vigor and a fresh outlook on the road ahead. We got to Dubai airport on our layover with the intention of playing the system and requesting to get bumped up from economy class. We got to the boarding gate and chickened out, but no sooner were we handed two business class tickets! They had overbooked the flight, and we got to reap the benefit. If we were ever going